Bring an End to Career Politicians. The political posturing, divisive rhetoric and refusal to collaborate have become standard operating procedure for the career politicians in Washington. Our current Representative has forgotten who he represents. If we want a different result, we have to send different representation to Washington D.C. Cyndi is not seeking this position as a career, but as a service to the great state of Iowa. It is finally time for change.

Solution focused, action-oriented, collaborative – Cyndi is Authentic Iowan.

Agriculture Impacts Everyone. Food, fuel, pharmaceuticals and many other products are derivatives of Iowa’s productive agriculture industry. Having representation from Iowa who fully supports agriculture, renewable energy and the products of agriculture is a must. The productive land we enjoy in Iowa produces much more than row crops and livestock – it produces resilient, resourceful and collaborative people who get things done and keep moving forward. Cyndi is one such product of this.

Hard-working, agriculturally connected – Cyndi is Authentic Iowan.

Fiscal Responsibility. We must move toward fiscal responsibility and stop deficit spending. This will take many years, given the long history of spending more than is being taken in. Returning to a balanced budget means reducing subsidies and entitlements and not raising taxes. To responsibly return to a balanced budget, difficult decisions must be made each year and a full budget bill – not an omnibus resolution – must be developed.

Responsible, Fiscally Conservative – Cyndi is Authentic Iowan.